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Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX
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Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX [userpic]

Peony not enough of a ladies man? Too focused on his rappigs? Not pushy enough? Lemme know here~! All comments are screened, anon is on, etc etc whatever necessities, but I'd really love to hear from you. I'd appreciate it to the max~

Aaaaand can't have a concrit post without contact info, so here ya go~ ♥ Open for any plotting/contacting/critiquing/fangirling whatever~ I love to talk (to people)! ♥

[MAIN LJ] skycatcher
[AIM] Giniro no Sora
[Y!M] GrabtheSKY
[E-MAIL] Grabthesky(@)yahoo

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Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX [userpic]

Look what I got, ladies~! Don't you just want to marry him? ♥ These phones are harder to post on than the computer at home. It's taking a really long time to type this! Curious technology-- almost like fontech. How does everyone use these so easily?

[[OOC: Yes Peony's exploring his new cell phone, and took incriminating pictures of Guy. He's got quite a few more, too. >: ]]

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Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX [userpic]

[ The video cuts in, and at first all you see is a peachy-pink and a slight corner of a brown spot, until the rappig snorfles at something nearby and turns around. Yes, it was indeed on the table where Peony had left it. It had a dark blue collar on with a silver tag, but the identity was otherwise unknown.

A faint humming is heard, a slightly sad song, but it's someone who can carry a bit of a tune. When the rappig's head is no longer in the way, you can see a certain emperor busying himself in a very thrashed kitchen-- dirtied utensils are everywhere, cookie batter all over the floor and the counter, and if you could see, even on the ceiling. There's a questionable blender with a good deal of splatter around it-- because isn't that what those are made for? Mixing things! He even had on an apron of Guy's, and when he turns back to the counter, you can see "KISS THE COOK" in bold letters-- and above it, a markered in "DON'T". He's got flour on his forehead and his hair is pulled back in a small tail, the bangs clipped off to the side. There's a smudge of pink icing on his cheek, and he goes to pull another tray from the oven.

The angle's bad, but he sets the tray down and goes to touch ones already on a cooling rack, and smiles, lifting one up. It's the shape of a pig, only with long rabbit ears. Yes, those are what you think they are. ]

Good! Time to add the icing stuff! These are coming out well, Aslan! But you always had faith that papa could bake, didn't you? Of course you did, hmm~?

[[OOC: Baking these. All replies assumed voice/video~ ACTION POAST FOR ANYONE SMELLING COOKIES?]]

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Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX [userpic]

Three orders of business today! First off, though it may be late~


Whenever you're free, stop by the apartment, hmm? It isn't much, but I got you a gift, so make sure to claim it! I must just have to give it to Gailardia, otherwise.

Our second order of business will be introducing our newest employee, miss Kallen! She won't be working IN the restaurant, per se, but since she has some sort of vehicle, she'll be doing deliveries for us.

Which is to say, Hymns of Lorelei will now be doing home-deliveries! Just call in your order and we'll have it hot and fresh at your door shortly after. Convenient, isn't it?

And on a third, lesser note, I was interested in starting a little "club", if you will, for blond-haired and fair-eyed people. Would anyone be interested? I'd have to say, I'm a bit homesick and sort of miss seeing all my people around. Anyone interested will become honorary Malkuthians. ♥

And thanks, Guy, for showing me those sparkles! ♥

[[OOC: OKAY PHEW DONE. Hikaru, in your present iiiiiis~ this! Innit cute? ;D Peony thinks you need to be more lady-like, yes.]]

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Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX [userpic]

Ahaha, well... good to see I'm not alone, at least! I can't say I see the appeal for these sorts of curses, City, but whatever floats the proverbial boat. Though you make it very hard to remain a gentleman, ladies.

For anyone looking for a bite to eat and your apron just won't stay on long enough to cook a little something, Hymns of Lorelei is still open today, though I do ask you not look too closely my direction. ♥ I'm easily embarrassed about things like that, you know.

And just for curiosity's sake, who in the City still has their clothes on? An odd minority, it must be! Hahaha.

[[OOC: You'll find him sitting in his throne in Hymns of Lorelei, naked as the day he was born with one leg crossed over the other and a rappig in his lap, computer off to the side, and looking rather smug. :>]]

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Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX [userpic]

Agent L, Agent G. I expect you in my office sometime very soon. I'm afraid we've got a situation on our hands. We've detected a number of extraterrestrials that have illegally entered the atmosphere and have recently landed in unknown parts of Earth. We have our guys tracking them now, but as of yet, we haven't had any luck.

Agent N, I request that you join us as well and report your opinions on how best to deal with the multiple lifeforms.

Oh, and, Agent G?

....Bring Jade with you, hmm? He's due for his next walk, but do try to keep him from talking too much.

[[OOC: Ohoho Men In Black crossover~! If anyone'd like to join (We'd love more Agents and especially, some ALIENS to chase >3) feel free to sign up here~! Agent Pedo welcomes you with open arms.]]

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Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX [userpic]

So many cute ladies working at Hymns of Lorelei~! ♥

A short survey, City, for those of you who've passed through our humble establishment before. How's the food quality? The service? How did you like the uniforms? Did you enjoy your experience in Hymns of Lorelei? How was the environment?

It'd be much obliged if you could let us know! Though... I'm afraid one of our cute employees has gone missing! The uniform was so cute with her... hair color. I wonder if she found an exit.

Would there be anyone willing to fill the position?

[[OOC: Running off to collapse in bed and hopefully sleep away most of this heat, but will catch tags when I'm up later~! o/ o/ Sorry to post and run. ;_;]]

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Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX [userpic]

What the-- what happened to my hands? Some kinda curse again?

Luke, Gailardia, I thought this over long and hard, so without further ado, here's your To-Do list for today.

  • Prepare lunch [TOGETHER]
  • Do the dishes [TOGETHER]
  • Pick up some groceries [TOGETHER]
  • Run by the library for an adventure novel [TOGETHER]
  • Walk my babies [TOGETHER]
  • Do the laundry [TOGETHER]
  • Prepare dinner [TOGETHER]
  • Walk my babies again [TOGETHER]
  • Groom my babies before bed [TOGETHER]
  • Share the same room for the night [TOGETHER]

My expectations/guidelines for the two of you today are as follows: do not separate more than two feet from each other, talk over your differences and problems AND/OR agree to disagree, refrain from further fighting/disputing of any kind, be able to hug each other in the morning with no murderous feelings. Not too bad, huh? ♥

I also warn against shirking your duties-- should I catch the two of you breaking the rules I've laid down, you can expect much, much worse punishments tomorrow. Now, that aside.


Hymns of Lorelei, a brand new restaurant about to open, is looking for the following positions to be filled:

  • Four waiters
  • Four waitresses
  • An additional cook or two
  • A maître d'

Thanks in advance~!

[[OOC: ALSO. Peony's affected but all he really has is a few bruises and scrapes from training ages ago, couple cuts here and there, but his hands are littered in cuts from... attempting to cook when he was younger. The things boys do to impress the ladies~ Some bandaging help would be naisu. >uOb]]

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Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX [userpic]

Geez, what happened, you two? Do I even wanna know? I look away for a minute and the next thing I know, you two are walking about like you just lost the fight to end all fist-fights! And what's all this about wanting skimpy/gaudy outfits?

If this is how you two are going to act, you'll just be forcing my hand in laying down some heavy punishments, you know!!

And also, how's the restaurant coming? What do we have left to do? Is all the detail painting done, furniture ordered, uniforms finished? Menus drawn up~?

Seems as though the City's been hectic these last few days. Nothing too bad, I hope~! And no new people lately, hmm? How strange; isn't there usually a decent flow of new citizens?

Current Location: Building 1, Apt. #3
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX [userpic]

Goodness, City! You're so lively today. But it's a nice change from yesterday; so boring! And many don't like walking in the rain, myself included. Gailardia, are you walking my babies this late? I hope you remembered to put their sweaters on correctly!

And I can't seem to find my throne... if you guys are playing a prank on me, it's working!! You can bring it back now!!

Even though it's a bit late, I was wondering if anyone would care to accompany me tomorrow when I go shopping~? ♥

[[OOC: So he's basically the same, only pale with mousy brown hair. OH, THE HORROR. Too bad the recolor still makes him hot ;___; orz failGET! Peony's pretty no matter what color he is. D: But he'll be pissed when he's reminded he was a pale brunette after this escapade. NOOOO MY BEAUTIFUL BRONZE SKIN, MY LUSH GOLDEN LOCKS. ;___; etc etc complain whine moan.]]

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